Ostia Solutions Training Environments

Training often proves an expensive activity because the full production system with all its complexities must be replicated to offer a full training environment for use. This will often lead to contention for systems with other parts of the organization. Sharing systems cause other issues as resetting the system to a state where a standard set of training modules can be provided takes time, effort and cost.

Using Portus service and data virtualization capability it’s possible to create clever training systems that can be deployed on demand and with a fixed state to start with. The people being trained do not care whether they are talking to the real back office system or Ostia’s simulated services once the user experience is as they will see it during their day to day jobs.

In fact each person being trained can potentially have their own tests system to use thus avoiding any possibility of trainees standing on each other’s toes.

The Skytap functionality that Ostia uses to host this capability also allows a test system to be parked with its existing state intact. This has the advantage that it is not costing money and is ready to be restarted for the next part of a given course. For example, if a course is being run over a number of days, the test environments can be brought down or ‘parked’ at night and restarted the following morning to save on running costs.

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