Ostia Solutions Test Messages on Demand

A project may require many different types of test messages for testing and many organizations still create these test messages in a manual or semi-automated way. Apart from the mind- numbingly boring work involved, the potential for errors is enormous while the time and cost taken to create these test messages is huge. Finally getting sufficient edge conditions in the data is hard to control with manually created messages.

Ostia’s Portus technology supports the generation of various different types of messages on demand. This will do the following:

  • Use metadata (XSD, XML, JSON, COBOL etc.) to understand and describe the message format.
  • Enable the user to associate a rich set of data generation routines with each field in the message.
  • The user can then create as many of those messages as are needed with the push of a button.
  • Once the configuration has been created for a given type of message, additional messages may be generated at will and can also be generated as part of an automated test process.

Apart from custom message formats specific to a given installation, Portus also supports standard message formats such as SWIFT and EDIFACT. The following diagram illustrates the process for creating test messages on demand.

Test data on demand diagram
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