Ostia Open API PSD2 Ecosystem

PSD2 ready banking simulation for developers

What is it?

The Open Banking PSD2 Developer Eco System is a self-contained, PSD2 compliant bank account and transaction simulation using Open API definitions. Use the sandbox to test end to end transaction processes for your development environment without the need for mocking, stubbing or access to backend systems.

Within Ostia’s PSD2 Eco System, we want to bring you through a full journey from understanding how a GUI consumer of our sandbox APIs will look, through to the usage of the APIs from the sandbox and the processes that are required to access and use those APIs correctly. To that end, we have created a journey for you:

  • Ostia’s fully functional AISP/PISP GUI, supported by videos, shows how a GUI might represent the APIs exposed by the sandbox environment.
  • You will then be given details of what you need to get started to start using the APIs exposed by the sandbox from your own applications.
  • This is followed by technical tutorials and videos to help you to use the APIs correctly.
  • This is all supported by links to materials that may be useful to you throughout your journey.

So let’s start by introducing you to our tutorial and AISP/PISP GUI Demo, simply follow the quick start guide below to begin.

Quick Start