Ostia Solutions Prototyping

Portus provides the business with the ability to use prototyping in software product development:

  • The business can build and prototype new products/applications in weeks without impacting back office IT, or using any data managed by back office IT. This enables a project to quickly determine if their approach is viable, and gives an ability to change direction easily thus ensuring customer or market demand is being addressed properly.
  • Once viable prototypes have been developed, a precise view and specification for what is needed from back office IT can be created.
  • Back office IT can benefit by using the simulated services as part of their integration process for new applications by ensuring that the services are being used in a compliant fashion and to assess the impact a new or changed application will have for capacity planning purposes.
  • A quicker and better prototyping process for applications with better defined requirements will lead to fewer and more focused requests to back office IT thus helping to reduce pressure but also avoiding wasted effort for unviable projects.

This effort to build simulated services at the prototyping phase provides IT assets that can be continually reused throughout the life cycle of that product and by other products. By using simulated services to build new applications, the application development process goes from this:

Traditional app delivery cycle diagram

To this:

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