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Ostia has been involved in a number of diverse projects over the years. Whatever the challange, we are always ready to prove our claims. Below are just some examples of past solutions Ostia has provided to clients. Head over to the demo site to view more examples.

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Irish Local Election Results


The Irish Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) planned to deliver the 2014 local election results to the internet in multiple downloadable formats as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative.

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Data Returns

Enterprise Ireland

An agency collects surveyed information, on an annual basis, from all it's companies. The purpose of the survey is to collect accurate data on client performance to measure against a number of key targets such as export gains.

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Call Centre Visualizations

Financial Services Organisation

The organisation had multiple phone systems with multiple systems managing and tracking inbound and outbound calls. They had limited views of what each call centre operator was doing based on the system or systems they were using.

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Rapid Data Prototyping

Irish Goverment Bid

Ostia were preparing a bid for an Irish Government tender to enable a central EU facility to integrate and interact in real time with the local entity's IT systems. As part of their bid, Ostia wanted to illustrate how quickly we were in a position to stand up the required integration services with some synthetic, but realistic, data that was based on the model provided in the RFT for demonstration purposes.

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