Ostia Solutions Meet Ostia at the EBA Day Fintech Pavilion – 21 June 2017

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Ostia will be showcasing how we can help reduce the pain in implementing PSD2 by simplifying the development and testing of Open API infrastructures.

The PSD2 Open Banking requirement obligates Banks to ‘open up’ their customer data to 3rd party service providers (AISP/PISPs). It is expected that communication between the parties will be via an ‘API’ based infrastructure involving many hardware and software components.

Portus saves banks and AISP/PISPs up to 70% of testing costs and elapsed time avoiding on-boarding delays and reputational risk.

Ostia’s Portus product provides a simple and convenient solution that minimises many of these issues. Its Intelligent API Simulations are available within days and allow all parties to test the end-to-end process without the infrastructure actually being there.

Visit us at booth 60 in the Exhibition Hall - day 2.