Ostia Solutions Creating a Payments System Sandbox

The Situation

Ostia’s customer, a large Nordic bank set Ostia the challenge of creating a testing environment to simulate the nets payment application to be used as part of their agile DevOps development and testing of a Mobile Banking Platform.

The rollout of new mobile applications based on nets has resulted in significant demand for access to test systems that are both cost-effective but at the same time meet the required data governance regulations.

The Solution

It was decided to create a set of virtual services to implement the nets APIs in a nets Payment Sandbox using Portus EVS giving the following benefits:

  • Portus EVS can ensure a unique transaction ID per transaction as required by the nets specification.
  • Portus EVS can enforce sequencing and thus correctly reject out of sequence requests.
  • Portus EVS does not required fixed sequences or identifiers and simply reacts based on what the request provides.
  • Each test environment can generate their own data thus avoiding any issues with reusing masked or obfuscated data.
  • Because Portus EVS is reacting like a real system no matter what event is sent to it, it is much more flexible for the development of new applications.
Mobile Banking Platform

The Result

Portus EVS enabled a fully functional nets sandbox environment to be created in less than two days resulting in a simulated payment service to be available for simultaneous testing from internal development and test teams and external testers and developers from their suppliers.

The nets Payments sandbox environment removed the load on the Customer’s production and test systems which were interfacing to the ‘nets’ network; further:

  • Individual users can test the end to end system in their bespoke environments.
  • Changes can be made by others without impacting on other users.
  • A consistent state on a shared system is ensured.
  • Data is not shared or compromised.
  • Setup and teardown effort is minimised.
  • Scalability is automatically designed into the solution.
  • Fully compatible with Cloud delivery both from a technology and data security point of view.