Ostia Solutions US Financial Service Case Study

New partners On-Boarded at Reduced Cost in Hours Instead of Weeks

The Situation

This customer is a large US-based financial services organization which works with many partners world-wide from very large to relatively small. In the recent past, their systems were upgraded to use a new, expensive technology front end server gateway to a large and expensive back office infrastructure.

The customer is slowly migrating their partners to this infrastructure but the testing involved in setting up each new partner on the back office systems is both time consuming and expensive. They wanted to reduce the time to migrate their partners to this new infrastructure while reducing the costs of testing.

The Solution

Ostia’s Portus solution was selected to:

  • Enable partners to be on-boarded to the new infrastructure in hours instead of weeks
  • Reduce the cost of testing by using commodity hardware and software platforms instead of their expensive production kit
  • Facilitate a more structured on-boarding of partners
  • test environment for partner 1 - diagram test environment for partner 2 - diagram

    The Result

    This financial institution now has a more streamlined approach to their on-boarding of partners to their new infrastructure and as a result Tools will now be able to complete this task in a matter of months instead of years while reducing costs by avoiding the use of their scarce and expensive production hardware and software.

    Ostia are able to do this because of their Portus data integration technology they have developed over the last 10 years. It has taken 10 years for Ostia to get to the front of today’s technology. We can help you stay there.

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