Ostia Solutions EU Insurance Case Study

Seamless, Easy and Secure Access to and From Legacy Data

The Situation

This customer is a European insurance organization which stores insurance claims information for various insurance companies in a number of IBM (formally Lotus) Domino databases. They needed to make the claims information held within these databases available to a partner’s Cloud-based system. The internals of IBM Domino are challenging and the customer was faced with having to recruit personnel with the necessary skills to deliver the project.

The Solution

Ostia's Portus technology provides agile and secure real time access to data resources and makes this data available to on premise or Cloud systems. Portus is equally at home in both the legacy and today’s networked worlds. Utilizing ‘discovery’ and ‘understand’ processes, Portus is able to iteratively analyse IBM Domino’s legacy structures and to make the data available using today’s standards (in this example JSON). It also has the capacity to update legacy data as required.

Portus legacy access to domino database for cloud based system - diagram

The Result

Provision of a solution that:

  • Provided seamless access to IBM Domino data without recourse to recruitment or coding
  • Provided secure and easy-to-use exchange of data with partner’s Cloud implementation
  • Delivered to a very short 4 week timescale
  • Ostia is able to do this because of the Portus data integration technology it has developed over the last 10 years. Ostia's Portus data integration technology is the fruit of 10 years of focused research and development which has brought Ostia to the forefront of today's technology. We can help you stay there.