Ostia Solutions European Financial Services Case Study

Financial Services Organization Reduces the Cost While Avoiding Risk

The Situation

This customer is a European financial services organization which runs a large retail banking network. Increased application release cycles were exponentially increasing pressure on their back office IT systems to the degree that testing had to be restricted to specific times.

In addition, they had recently signed an out-sourcing deal with an offshore partner; however, data governance legislation prevented them from providing services and data to their offshore partner for testing. This forced the customer to locate the offshore development personnel local to their head office blowing a massive hole the original value proposition.

The Solution

Ostia’s Portus virtualization technology was used to:

  • Enable the creation of stable testing environments using commodity hardware and software.
  • Dramatically reduced testing load from their back office mainframe systems.
  • Totally remove risk of data leakage by providing virtual environments and data for offshore testing.
Portus virtualization for local and offshore testing diagram

The Result

This financial institution has significantly reduced the pressure on valuable back office mainframe systems and eliminated any risk with their offshore testing, ensuring they can get the true value of the original proposition to develop and test offshore.

Senior Test Architect: ‘The Portus/Test platform has been a real enabler during our virtualization efforts while compartmentalizing infrastructure for offshore access.’