Portus Technology in Action - Open Banking PSD2 Accounts Simulation Case Study

Portus Technology in Action - Open Banking PSD2 Accounts Simulation Case Study

The Situation

A number of banks in Europe have come together around the Payments Services Directive Version 2 (PSD2) to form the Open Banking initiative with a view to creating Open API Standards for UK Banking.

The rollout of these APIs creates major problems for these banks as it will result in significant efforts to on board users of these APIs (e.g. AISPs and PISPs) while significantly increasing demand for access to test systems that are cost-effective, always available and meet the required data governance regulations.

The Solution

Ostia have created a simulation of the Account and Transaction APIs using Portus EVS to address these issues providing the following benefits:

  • On boarding of a new user of these APIs can occur in minutes through the provision of a standalone simulation per user in the Cloud.
  • Once on board, the same simulation can be used for test purposes thus providing an ‘always on’ test environment for the banks’ API user community.
  • The simulation includes a full data model for the APIs thus enabling the banks’ API user community to add their own data for different test cases.
  • The simulations are fully compatible with Continuous Integration and thus offer the API community a fully agile environment in which to develop their solutions.

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The Result

The Portus EVS Accounts API simulation is available today and can be configured in hours to support a banks’ requirements. This will be followed by the end of October 2017 with a simulation of the Payment Initiation APIs which can be run stand alone or fully integrated with the Accounts API simulation. This will result in a simulated accounts and payment API simulation being available for simultaneous testing from internal development and test teams, or external testers and developers without any impact on the core infrastructure of the bank.

The Portus EVS simulations remove the load on a bank’s core infrastructure that will result from the demands of the Open API banking effort in general and PSD2 in particular. In addition:

  • Individual users can test the end to end system in their stand-alone environments.
  • Changes can be made by each user without impacting on other users.
  • A consistent state on each simulated environment is ensured.
  • Data is not shared or compromised.
  • Setup and teardown effort is instantaneous in the Cloud.
  • Scalability is automatically designed into the solution.
  • Fully compatible with Cloud delivery both from a technology and data security point of view.

Watch the EVS Open Banking Sandbox Demonstration