Local tax system delivered as web app in 6 weeks

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Over the coming weeks we are looking at some of the situations organisations across varied sectors of the marketplace have had to deal with, the solutions that were implemented, and the results that transpired.

The Situation

Spanish Central Government passed a law requiring all local government offices to give access to tax records of citizens. Local Government expectation was they would provide funding or the project would be delayed.

Deadline approaching and Province of Córdoba needed a working solution within 8 weeks on a project that was originally quoted as 2 years to deliver or face fines and other political consequences.

The Solution

  • UP Consulting a top Spanish consulting firm contacted Ostia to help.
  • Delivery was achieved in the tight timeframe by reusing existing systems – the only new component being the web application
  • We created online secure access to all Córdoba citizens consistent with local data protection rules
  • Delivered a robust solution, ahead of schedule with minimal impact on existing infrastructure

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The Result

Córdoba City Council fulfilled its legal obligation in a timely and cost effective manner. The City of Córdoba stated that ‘thanks to Ostia and UP Consulting, Córdoba has been able to implement an effective e-Governance solution, allowing them to link the back-office to the Internet without requiring changes to mainframe applications due to an extremely efficient Web services implementation’.


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