Ireland Six Nations Team - Worth their weight in Gold

We Crunched the Numbers to Find Out

rugby image

With the break in the six nations competition we thought it would be worth a look at some of the Green machine and how the team has developed over recent years.

At the turn of the millennium, the combined weight of the Irish team was imperial 3,292Lbs metric 1,493.6 kgs making the average per player of 219lbs or 99.5kgs.

In Irelands most recent Grand Slam year 2009 the weight of the team was 3,292lbs - metric  1,493.6kg making the average per player of 219lbs or 99.5kgs.

The current teams weight is 3,461lbs metric 1,570kg giving an average per player of 231lbs metric or 104.6kg.

There are anomalies every year such as John Hayes or Mike Ross, with the tight heads normally being the heaviest players on the pitch.

So the trends for bigger players is on the increase but is not as marked as some commentators have been suggesting as can been seen from these statistics since 2000.

With the number of pitch side analysts and statisticians assessing the sport do they have an idea on how far can the players go in increasing their muscle mass and overall weight before they will be unable to last past 40minutes, surely the optimum gold bar standard has been attained.

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