Eliminate Off Shore Project Data Governance Risks with Agile Testing Sandboxes

Eliminate Off Shore Project Data Governance Risks with Agile Testing Sandboxes

Offshore development and/or testing of applications is now used by the vast majority of large organizations to reduce costs and to leverage the skillsets of valuable off shore resources. This will normally require that the offshore organization has some access to back office applications and data if sufficient testing is going to take place for any given project.

This presents a challenge when dealing with data regulation and data governance issues particularly with the advent of the EU GDPR regulations. Often organizations leave the final testing until each project is delivered doing it ‘on shore’ which can add significantly to the cost and reduces the value proposition created by offshoring in the first place.

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The answer to this conundrum lies with Agile Testing Sandboxes:

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An Agile Testing Sandbox simulates an environment upon which an application is dependent but runs independent of the real environment on Cloud, Docker or commodity hardware and software. Consider a sandbox to be like a flight simulator for your back office environments. This offers fully functional versions of the application, services and synthetic data that the off shore team requires to deliver their project. The offshore team develops, tests and proves their project against a standalone environment which reacts exactly like the real environment.

The fact that the Agile Testing Sandboxes are exact simulations of the real environment on shore increases the likelihood that delivery of the project will become a quick and simple acceptance test. This means better and more thorough testing in the cost effective off shore zone by significantly limiting the on shore resources that are required to deliver the project.

These sandboxes are not simply built and thrown away after a project. When a project is delivered in this way, the sandbox environment becomes a valuable asset that can be reused again and again in future related or even unrelated off shore projects.

Portus EVS enables the creation of sandbox environments in days supporting offshoring and eliminating any data governance risk in such projects.


Written by : Ostia Solutions