How long do your agile development teams spend waiting on other teams?

How long do your agile development teams spend waiting on other teams?

In the age of agile development, speed and quality of delivery is one of the main business drivers. Agile techniques and processes work well, however, how often do you have agile teams waiting on other agile teams to deliver? How often have they had to use poorly implemented stubs to continue their development efforts?

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An Agile Testing Sandbox simulates an environment upon which an application is dependent but runs independent of the real environment on Cloud, Docker or commodity hardware and software. Consider a sandbox to be like a flight simulator for your back office environments. This offers fully functional versions of the application, services and data that the agile team is waiting on. The developer develops and tests against a standalone environment to them which reacts exactly like the real environment.

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Once the sandbox is created, it can be launched as often as required as it is a cost effective solution to the problems caused by shared test environments. This ensures the developer can comprehensively test their code thus fixing bugs and issues in the code at the cheapest point possible.

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This changes the landscape for many agile development teams with one organization reporting that their agile teams were able to complete 3-4 more projects in a year by using agile development sandboxes.

Portus EVS enables the creation of sandbox environments in days thus supporting this new development paradigm and helping organizations to get even more from their agile development teams.


Written by : Ostia Solutions