Fintech Article Roundup - April 2016

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Following the completion of the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab in Dublin 2016 we have a look at what is happening in Fintech from 5 different perspectives.

1. According to Citigroup approximately $19 Billion was invested into the fintech sector over the last year up from $1.8 Billion in 2011. Interesting to note that Stockholm based companies received 18 percent of all investments in fintech companies across Europe in 2014, and a recent Europe-wide fintech study by showed that Sweden is the third largest fintech hub in Europe after the UK and Germany:

Fintech dominates Nordic startup investments

2. Everyone has their own view when it comes to the rise of fintech and its impact on traditional banking, do you agree with Chris Myers when he says that "the most successful fintech companies will be the ones that learn how to work with banks rather than try to supplant them" ?:

The demise of traditional banking has been greatly exaggerated

3. Cornerstone advisors Ron Shevlin talks with Simon Cocking in the following article, which is a light and insightful look at where fintech currently stands - including life stage apps:

The Future of Fintech will be Collaboration Between Traditional Banks and Fintech Startups

4. The following New York Times article looks at some of the current views on the relationship and rivalary between fintech and traditional banking in the current wave of disruption:

Fintech firms are taking on the big banks, but can they win?

5. Our final recommended read is this interesting infographic which explores the biggest trends and most important deals of the year in 2015, that are taking the fintech industry in new and exciting directions:

The State of FinTech in 2015

Let us know your thoughts on the rapid rise of fintech and what you think the future holds in the comment section below.


Written by : Ostia Solutions