Dublin Web Summit 2014

Web Summit

When 20,000 people come to Dublin for any event, it is a massive boost to the city of Dublin in terms of tourism and world standing. When these 20,000 people include the world’s most innovative people, business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups it creates an unbeatable dynamic.

Many of the latest and innovative concepts from business and IT will be discussed at the event:

  • Cloud and mobile; how to help us to deliver applications and services faster and at lower cost.
  • Open Data is gathering an unstoppable momentum; new apps appear weekly, while new devices and delivery channels are appearing daily and enabling a new level of innovation.

What does this mean to Ireland?

The gathering together of such a group of people discussing such innovative ideas and concepts focuses the attention of the world on Ireland.

Many of the people coming to Ireland will have businesses themselves and may potentially decide to locate businesses here based on what they see at The Summit.

Consider what each of these 20,000 people will communicate to their family, friends and colleagues when they get home ensuring that the effect of The Summit will reach literally millions of people.

Let The Summit begin!


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Author - John Power - CEO Ostia Solutionslinkedin-badge-for-email



Written by : John Power