’Continuous Delivery’ – What is it and how does it relate to Service Virtualization?

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 Today’s app development projects aim to deliver applications to mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and the plethora of other mobile devices out there. These projects have a number of things in common including the following:

  • Massive investment must be put into the prototyping of the application or it will simply fail at the first hurdle.
  • The first version of the application must be delivered sometimes in weeks of its inception.
  • Updates to improve the application are expected sometimes daily but at least weekly.

Adapting the SDLC has turned the typical SDLC on its head:

  • Gone are the days when requirements can be gathered and evaluated over a number of months: customers want to hold and see the prototype of what will be delivered.
  • The thoughts of a first version of an application being delivered after a number of years would create laughter amongst today’s customers: delays of months lead to loss of interest and missed opportunity
  • Quarterly release cycles (or less frequently) simply wouldn’t be tolerated: we live in the age of now, and if something isn’t implemented in the product quickly, customers will move on to a competitive app offering better features and more frequent updates.

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Continuous Delivery

This term is trending more and more in relation to app development projects. Essentially this satisfies the requirement to continuously deliver an improving application with outstanding quality to your customers.

Service Virtualization plays a key role in the implementation of a Continuous Delivery by:

  • Facilitating app prototypes to be built literally in days.
  • Ensuring the creation of test assets that can be used through the agile development cycle.
  • Enabling the creation of better process between the agile groups.
  • All the way through to enabling better support of the applications once they are released.

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In the next article we can explain what Continuous Delivery can do for you.


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Written by : John Power