Cloud or On-Premise Deployment - Which is right for you?

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"The adoption of cloud computing continues to grow as on-premise experiences a rebirth. According to a well-known industry analyst firm, the ITSM SaaS model will continue to grow until 2015, but will level off to roughly 50% cloud and 50% on-premise deployments.

They are also predicting 30% of organizations using SaaS will switch back to on-premise ITSM solutions by 2014." (see end of article for link)

This is an interesting survey but ultimately tells us nothing, so…..

… organizations that prefer Cloud over On-Premise prefer an annual subscription model while those that prefer on-premise models prefer a perpetual license model? You can’t be serious?

Those that preferred Cloud have other Cloud applications and understand and accept Cloud; those who prefer on-premise do not trust it. Go away out of that!

Those that preferred Cloud have a bad history with software upgrades; those that prefer on-premise have a good history with upgrades. You can’t be serious?

It is clear that in the answers to the questions the proponents of Cloud will talk up Cloud deployment and the proponents of on-premise will talk up an on-premise focus.

Ultimately the choice between Cloud and on-premise is likely to be driven by the following:

  • If the organization offers a commodity service, it’s likely that standardized Cloud applications that are cost effective, easy to use and upgrade will be preferred.
  • If the organization offers a service that requires some ‘smarts’ behind it, it’s possible to offer this in the Cloud, however, many organizations would prefer to maintain this on-premise.
  • If the organization is dealing with sensitive personal data subject to data governance rules (location of data at rest, fines for loss of data etc.) the safest option is to locate this on-premise.


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Written by : John Power