Delivering Against Deadline and Budget Constraints

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The Situation

The Spanish Government passed legislation, called law of electronic access by citizens to public services (LAECSP). That the citizen is “just a click away".

The Diputación of a major Spanish city found itself under the twin pressures of looming legislative obligation alongside hugely reduced financial budgets and they required a cost-effective integration solution in a matter of weeks.

The Solution

Ostia provided a solution that:

  • Reused, without change, the city's existing databases and applications
  • Provided easy-to-use online and secure access to city’s legacy tax systems
  • Delivered to a very short and challenging 8 week timescale

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The Result

The city's, Diputación and head of IT summarised as follows: “Thanks to this project we will be able to complete the management of the conventional paperwork with the use of new electronic management techniques. This will allow us to offer the possibility to carry out, anywhere and anytime, without the presence of an officer and comply with the Government legislation”.


Author - John Power - CEO Ostia Solutionslinkedin-badge-for-email



Written by : Ostia Solutions