Film Catalogue Stats Show 240% Increase in Sales

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The Situation

Purchases from a well established *German media company's extensive and historic film catalogue could only be made over the phone.

The company recognised that it was losing a significant opportunity as their catalogue was not available online, however the existing system had been written in the late 1980s and was a complete mystery to the current IT generation.

*The media company, whose function is to purchase feature films, mini-series and TV movies for Germany's leading TV channel.

The Solution

Ostia provided a solution that:

  • Reused, without change, the media company's existing databases and applications
  • Provided real time sales access to their film catalogue
  • Delivered to a very short and challenging 9 week timescale

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The Result

  • 240% increase in catalogue film sales
  • Reduced costs of administration compared to the previous manual process
  • Satisfied online customers

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Written by : Ostia Solutions