Does Service Virtualisation have to Cost the Earth?

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Organisations can benefit in many ways through the use of service virtualisation to reduce risk and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the development and testing process. This is achieved by an ability to stand up multiple testing environments in minutes while reducing the load on back office systems.

An Option for Every Company, Regardless of Size.

There is a view that service virtualisation is a capability that must be delivered by the large software vendors and is incredibly pricey. In fact there are well founded rumours that many service virtualisation efforts have cost seven and even eight figure sums. These numbers have led many organisations to consider service virtualisation as something beyond their reach. But why should that be the case?

Why Larger Customers Pay Massive Premiums to Large Systems Houses.

In many of these cases, the organisations involved are the major banks or other financial services institutions who for many years have outsourced their system development and testing and potentially more importantly, are risk averse. As such, they choose to buy from the big-name software and services vendors to avoid risk and thus pay a massive premium for these services.

How to get Cost Effective Service Virtualisation

There are many smaller, but still sizable and more cost conscious organisations, such as smaller banks, retail organisations or manufacturing companies, which have not outsourced their IT operations in the same way and keep a tight control on development, testing and spending budgets. For them, there are significant benefits to be had by going with a more cost effective vendor. Many will raise the issue of risk; however, a service virtualisation platform is not mission critical as operational systems are. Granted you do not want them to fail, however, if they do fail for some reason, you have the luxury of time to sort out the issues without millions of dollars being lost in down time.

What if you could get Service Virtualisation in the following way:

  • As a service model where you pay for what you use, as you use it, on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Options to build and maintain services yourself with in-house staff or a fully managed offering to create and maintain your virtual services also using an ‘as a service’ model.
  • Cloud or in-house deployment of the virtual services.
  • Flexible and responsive product development road map.
  • Support for proprietary services that won’t be touched by other vendors as opposed to the usual virtualisation of Web Services.
  • Support for virtual services and data to provide a complete, integrated end to end testing solution. Volume discounts as you increase the number of services used.

This is what we call Virtual Services on Demand and is delivered using Ostia’s Portus Test technology.

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Written by : Ostia Solutions