Rapid Data Retrieval and The Hybrid Cloud



The Hybrid Cloud is fast emerging as a new trend in the IT industry, however, there are differences of opinion as to what actually constitutes a ‘Hybrid Cloud’. The simplest definition of it is a mixture of Private Cloud and Public Cloud to support a specific application. Ostia would extend that definition to include on premise data and applications which could also be loosely defined as A Private Cloud.

On Premise Data and the Cloud

This is an interesting distinction because we are seeing a trend whereby organisations want to use the Cloud for all the advantages that it provides but a are also fearful of the consequences of using Cloud around security and data governance.

This Hybrid Cloud model is fast emerging as an evolutionary step to delivering applications in the Cloud. The organisation leaves its data on premise and securely accesses it from the Cloud using technology like Ostia’s Portus platform. This gives them the best of both worlds with applications in the Cloud but their data at rest sitting on premise secured by process and policies built up over many years.

Challenges accessing On Premise Data from the Cloud

The Rapid Data Retrieval #RDR technology can further help in this scenario. There are a number of potential pit falls accessing on premise data from the Cloud as follows:

  • It is next to impossible to properly forecast the load that a cloud application will bring as it scales to support new users. Rapid Data Retrieval #RDR can help to buffer your back office systems from such loads by caching in memory commonly used results sets, thus ensuring that many requests are dealt with exclusively in the Cloud. As the data is held in memory and not actually hardened to disk in the Cloud, there are no issues with data at rest.
  • Many organisations continue to require a batch window to update their back office systems. By caching data in the Cloud using Rapid Data Retrieval #RDR, it’s possible to carve out the time for that batch window while enabling your cloud applications to continue to run 24/7.
  • There may be issues with performance due to the multiple hops that must be made to on-premise data. Rapid Data Retrieval #RDR can reduce the number of hops required thus ensuring optimum performance of your cloud applications.

Ostia Can Help

Ostia can help you to design and roll out an evolutionary Cloud strategy that moves forward at a pace with which you are comfortable while making full use of the Cloud and ensuring you get the best use out of your existing legacy systems.


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Written by : Ostia Solutions