Rapid Data Retrieval - Overview

Can your business react to changes as quickly as the online ecosystem has developed?

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Do your traditionally built core IT systems, that have developed over the years, meet current requirements for fast cost effective and secure delivery for your business applications, using the web, mobile, cloud and social media?

The seismic shift in the availability of mobile, cloud and social channels has caused many businesses to fall way behind in the delivery of what the market and their target consumers are demanding.

This paper discusses why this is the case and what the solution will be to ensure your business can react as fast as you need to.

Are any of the following "symptoms” familiar:

  • Technology challenges: The lack of integration standards in the 20th century made integration between different systems and technologies very difficult, leading to further potential for project delays.
  • Scope creep : As your projects progressed, further requirements were added raising complexity to what were already large and complex projects.
  • People challenges : Over the life of a project, people could leave and be replaced leading to loss of project knowledge and a need to up skill new people for the project.
  • Business challenges : Even in the past, business requirements changed constantly so requirements identified at the start of a project might no longer be relevant and were replaced by other requirements which had to be dealt with.
  • Project challenges : Having large and complex projects with long elapse times between deliverables leading to project management and governance issues.

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Written by : Ostia Solutions