Open For Business - OPW & LGMA

Hosted by the OPW & LGMA Friday November 28th 2014

Dublin Castle

I attended this event last Friday which was ostensibly for our local/national IT organisations to share information on how they are using open source. Given that I can be prone to moan about our public services, I have to give credit where credit is due.

The Format

The event was well run which was helped greatly by the location in Dublin Castle’s state of the art conference facilities which are often used to host EU meetings.

Presentations ran for 30 minutes per speaker. Enough to get a good sense of what people were doing though not long enough to bore you if you had no particular interest in the subject.

All the sessions finished and started when they should and the conference ended on time. This sounds like a simple thing to achieve, but in my experience, most events miss the mark by a long shot when it comes to this, so kudos to the organisers for their time management.

Hidden Examples of Open Source at Open for Business

I was very impressed to see what our public bodies are doing with open source/data/standards and the impact it can have. The biggest issue I found is that we don't know or hear about many of these great projects.

What comes to mind immediately are the fix your street (in Beta) and Airo projects - some really good stuff.

Final Thoughts of Open for Business

I'm not a huge fan of twitter (yet) but a continuous twitter wall managed to keep me interested when things got boring and I suspect (ok I know) I tweeted more last Friday than I have done to date. When presented like this it helps me to better understand the power of twitter.

Thinking back on the experience, I believe if we in Ostia ever held a conference, I would like people to walk away feeling as I did. No it wasn't perfect and not everything interested me BUT I felt it was a day well spent and left looking forward to the next one.

Oh...and the WiFi worked. Perhaps these guys should be called in to help organise the Websummit next year :-)


Author - John Power - CEO Ostia Solutionslinkedin-badge-for-email



Written by : John Power