About Ostia Solutions

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About Ostia Solutions

Ostia is an Irish based company with customers in over a dozen countries in a variety of sectors including Financial Services, Government and Logistics.

Ostia is an innovative supplier of technology that supports agile development, iterative testing and validation of business solutions which enables institutions to deliver new products to market faster, at reduced cost and with less risk.

Our team at Ostia comprises of professionals who have a wealth of technology and business knowledge, outstanding experience and wide ranging expertise. Ostia is proud to have secured the services and commitments of this outstanding team.

John Power

John is a technical entrepreneur with a track record in the successful creation, growth and sales of technology companies. His vision has led to the Portus technology and inception of Ostia Solutions.

Gerard Clinton

Gerard is an experienced senior manager with a 25-year track record of successfully managing businesses, mainly in the financial services sector, delivering excellent results to company and customer.

Mike Brookbanks
Business Development Director

Mike has over 25 years’ experience developing, leading and delivering innovative transformation process re-engineering solutions to the financial services, government and other sectors.

Phil Codd

Phil Codd is considered to be a veteran of the software industry. He has over 25 years’ experience in the IT sector, which has been dominated by software sales and management in Ireland and the UK.