Secure Connection to Bluemix Application

Connecting Bluemix Applications to On-premise Data Sources

IBM Bluemix

The hybrid approach to Cloud computing is fast emerging as the preferred way for organisations to make available selected data from with their existing data centres that remains secured behind their usual firewalls.

Ostia, using IBM’s Bluemix and Softlayer Cloud infrastructure, offer just such an agile and secure approach using its Portus platform as shown below. The steps involved are described in this overview.



Creating a Secure Connection to the On-Premise System

A secure tunnel is created between the Bluemix environment and the on-premise system(s) using IBM’s Cloud Connector technology as illustrated in the following diagram. This takes less than an hour to install and configure.



Install Portus On-Premise

Portus is installed local to the data behind your firewall. This also takes an hour or less.

Create On-premise APIs in Seconds

Once Portus is installed, APIs can be created in seconds for CICS applications, DB2 Tables, ADABAS files, Natural programs, Oracle databases, Sybase tables or SAP ABAP functions to name but a few.

Use APIs from Bluemix

These Portus APIs are then accessible in a controlled and secure way from the Cloud environment. The following Bluemix app is displaying combined data from VSAM and ADABAS files on an IBM z/OS system:



It’s as simple as that! You now have secure access to your data and the ability to create APIs in seconds for a whole range of applications, Databases and more.


Watch the demonstration video [17 minutes]

Free Trial: Get Portus on IBM Cloud Marketplace


Author - John Power - CEO Ostia Solutionslinkedin-badge-for-email



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