Ostia Launching on the IBM Marketplace

Ostia Launching on the IBM Marketplace

IBM Launch

The world has changed immeasurably in consumer IT with the advent of the Internet and in particular with the advent of mobile and Cloud computing. Consumers are in the world of ‘now’ so that if they cannot get what they want when they want (seemingly in minutes!) from one provider, they will happily go elsewhere.

A major aspect of today’s consumer below the age of 40 is a propensity to shop around for the best value and do this monthly or yearly as contracts become due. Gone are the days of opening a bank account with your first job and staying with that bank for ever.

A second part of this revolution is an unwillingness to pay up front for software or services. Consumers are keen to try something first before they even part with their money and will only pay for the service after they ensure it’s for them and only on a month by month basis or sometimes yearly if the discounts are significant enough. This puts the power back in the hands of the consumer as they can then switch if the service or support is not what they expect.

This consumer culture has bypassed enterprise software which has traditionally been based on large up front license payments plus support payments. That is until now...

"App Store" for the Enterprise

The launch of the IBM Enterprise Cloud Marketplace is the App Store for the Enterprise. Organisations can now buy enterprise class technology and solutions in the Cloud in this new way. Your company can trial it out for a month perhaps and when happy, start "paying as you go". If not happy with the service or support, stop paying and use a competitive solution. It also has the elasticity to expand and contract with the demand on your applications.

Affordable enterprise class software

A second benefit of this is that any organisation small or large or any individual with an idea can now afford to build applications based on this marketplace. This will involve building applications using the enterprise class software available there. This has the potential to exponentially increase the number of enterprise applications available as innovative people and organisations are no longer hamstrung by the costs involved in enterprise software. This has the potential to do for the enterprise what the Apple App store and Android Play store have done for the consumer.

Speed of delivery

Ostia are very proud to be part of the initial launch of the IBM Enterprise Cloud Market place offering the capability to securely connect these enterprise apps to on-premise data and applications. This will enable organisations to build and launch applications in the Cloud using on-premise data in delivery times unimaginable in the past.

Ostia are also working feverishly towards a listing on IBM’s Bluemix PaaS – watch this space!


Learn more and get your free trial of Portus from the IBM Cloud Marketplace today:Lets Go!

Author - John Power - CEO Ostia Solutionslinkedin-badge-for-email



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